Laptop Service @ SS Computer

SS Computers were trying to be the best in Laptop Service in Chennai with all levels of services. SS Computers provide services for all kinds of brands. We were providing chip level services for all brand laptop motherboards and even panel painting for you and your beloved Laptops.

We provide high level certified parts for your laptops with an affordable price. We promise you a 100% satisfactory level without losing your Valuable data’s and documents in your Laptop.

SS Computers have professionally trained technicians who have good knowledge in all ranges of laptops. SS Computers techs are capable to do component level services by checking all kinds of electronic components in you and your laptop.

We also offer a laptop screen replacement service and stock a variety of spare parts. We have extensive experience in fixing broken laptops and repairing faults, both common and obscure, from all manufacturers.

Contact us : 9884833551

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Laptop Repair

We specialise in repairing faulty laptops and motherboards down to component level. We offer a repair service not just for Velachery but for the entire Chennai.

Our services

  • LCD/LED Laptop screen repair.
  • Laptop motherboard Chip level servicing.
  • Laptop Hard drive or memory module errors / failures.
  • Laptop Hinge repair.
  • Laptop keyboard / touchpad repairs.
  • We do broken panel repair also.

Laptop Maintenance

Your laptop isn't working as it should, are you getting errors relating to missing drivers and outdated software.We can provide assistance in the following areas...

Our services

  • Liquid Spill cleaning.
  • Processor fan and Motherboard cleaning.
  • Hard Drive Bad sector Identification and Removal.
  • Malware/Spyware Scaning and removal.
  • Total panel cleaning.
  • Taking Data backup and restore.

Laptop Upgrade

Our repair technicians have extensive experience in upgrading laptops and troubleshooting laptop faults, both common and obscure. Their experience covers all manufacturers.

Our services

  • Memory Upgrades - 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB.
  • Hard drive upgrade - Standard IDE and SATA hard drives as well as SSD.
  • Processor upgrades - Variant on Manufacturer.
  • Optical Drive upgrades - DVD Rewirters, Blu-Ray Rewriters.
  • Upgrading Operating Systems.
  • We done with panel replacing also.

Tune-up and Health Checks

Do you find Your laptop is not running just as it used to, is it taking too long to load a webpage or can you hear funny noises. Our specialist do everything for your needs.

Our services

  • Laptop fault diagnostics - To check if any components are falling or have failed.
  • Operating System updating and correct configuration of devices.
  • A full search of your system to check whrather your laptop is infected by threats.
  • Remove temporary files and defragment your hard drive.
  • Helps eliminate dust which can cause overheating and damage to components.
  • Helps to speed up your pc to obtain maximum performance.


Broken Laptop Hinge

Due to the shear nature and design of laptop computers, broken hinges are an inevitable outcome of long-term daily use. Let SS Computers put your laptop and sanity back together again.Read more

Laptop Power Jack Repair

You can’t turn on your laptop, the power cord does not work anymore, and the battery won’t charge either. we can quickly fix that bad charging port and get your laptop running again. Read more

Laptop Screen Repair

Whether you stepped, sat, slept, rolled, jumped, a bowling ball on it, if you broke or cracked your laptop screen, we can get your laptop or notebook screen replaced, and at an affordable rate. Read more

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Had a major spill? Typing all caps? Do you have sticky keys? Some keys not working at all? We can replace keyboard and how we can quickly get your laptop back to you and running once again. Read more