My Desktop heat and causes of excessive issues

The following list describes some of the issues caused by too much heat in the computer:

  • Games stop responding during play.
  • Windows stops responding during use.
  • Fans inside the computer become louder because they are spinning faster to remove the heat.
  • When starting the computer, it sometimes stops at a black screen and does not open into Windows. Windows usually stops responding when it does open.
  • Mouse and keyboard stop responding.
  • Computer unexpectedly restarts or displays a blue screen error message.


These errors are not predictable. If these errors occur only in one software program, the issue is probably related to that software program and is not heat related.

The following list describes some causes of excessive heat:

  • Dust inside the computer. Dust problems are worse if the computer sits on a carpeted floor.
  • A new component, such as a hard drive, is added. The extra component causes the power supply to work harder and generate more heat. Extra heat also radiates off the new component and adds to the temperature inside the case.
  • Over time, some cooling fans might slow down and wear out, depending on the usage of the computer.
  • High ambient room temperature.