Our Lucky Sites browser hijacker

Recently there are too much advertising tools on the Internet, and these tools are too annoying to ignore their presence. Our Lucky Sites is one of these tools, that belongs to the type of browser hijackers. In this article we will explain you what is? Our Lucky Sites and how to get rid of it?

Our Lucky Sites is the unwanted software that pretends to be good. It poses itself as a search engine with additional features that can help its users to browse the web faster and easier than via other search engines. It is impossible, of course, and we will explain why.
First of all, you should understand that search engine is not just a website – there are hundreds of skilled employees and thousands of powerful computers behind it. Each day Google checks all websites in the world for updates, the decent pages get indexed and if the page isn’t good enough – it becomes unseen in SERP.

Speaking shortly – Google spends millions of dollars only maintaining its computers, and if there was another company that can afford to spend so much money – you would have heard about it. Now, let’s talk about the browsing speed. When you enter the search query in the Google’s search box and type Enter – you see how much results it had found and how much time it spend to do it. The approximate quantity of results is tens of millions or more, and the approximate time is less than a second. Even if there was a search engine that can do it faster – could you notice the 0,02 second acceleration of the search operation? I doubt it. Of course, that’s all words, and I need facts to prove my point. The fact is that if you’ll enter any search query in Our Lucky Sites search box and hit enter – you will see the Google results. Some other browser hijackers don’t even try to hide that they are using Google, and you can see the inscription “Google custom search” in their search boxes. Actually, Custom search, or Google CSE service is the free feature that scammers use to manipulate with search results.

The developers of Our Lucky Sites use Google CSE in the easiest way: they limit the sites among which the search is performed by several dozen (or hundreds) of websites, selected manually. The owners of those sites are scammers, or people that want to promote their websites in half-legal way. According to this, when you enter any search request in Our Lucky Sites – you won’t see the decent results. Another feature of Our Lucky Sites is the redirection to suspicious websites. It might happen when you’re on your favorite website or when you’re just browsing the Web.

Assembled Desktop Computers in Velachery

Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new computer? Make your own PC!

Making your own computer from scratch is not only fun to do but cheaper as well. You can get to choose the parts you want to use on your PC. This gives you the control in balancing the price and the quality of your newly assembled PC.


Before we show you the steps, here are the necessary parts of the computer that you need to buy : Contact SSComputers

* Processor Cooler.
* Motherboard memory
* Graphics Card
* Hard Drive
* CD or DVD Writer
* Sound Card
* Computer Case
* Power Supply
* Monitor
* Keyboard
* Mouse
* Steps in making your own PC:

Step 1
The computer case includes motherboard spacers and screws. This helps set the motherboard in the case. Mount the spacers into the corners and to the proper side holes. It should match up with the holes in your motherboard.

If the motherboard has different jack arrangements from the case’s I/O (input/output) shield, use the shield that comes with the motherboard. Mount it from the inside of the case.

Now, to install the processor, raise the lever on the side of the CPU (processor) socket. The CPU’s pins are made in a way that it is possible to put the CPU into the socket only one way. Therefore, if you are doing it right, it should easily fit.

Hold the processor down and close to the lever. Before installing the CPU cooler, put thermal compound onto the top of the CPU (on core).

Step 2
Mount the processor cooler on top of the processor. Press down lightly. Clip the heat sink to the processor socket. Attach the CPU cooler’s fan power to the motherboard’s fan header. It is usually labeled “CPU FAN 1”.

Plug in the memory module to the long sockets called DIMM’s. Unlock both tabs and push the memory straight down. The clips on the slot’s sides should close. Carefully push the motherboard against the I/O shield. Put in and tighten the motherboard screws. Do not force it.

The brown slot nearest to the processor is the AGP slot meant for the video card. Insert the video card evenly in the slot provided. Screw the card into place. Make sure that your AGP video card is placed properly.

At the corner of the motherboard, you can see two rows of pins. Connect case leads to the pins. These leads are usually labeled. Read your motherboard manual. See which label goes to which set of pins.

Step 3
Now we mount the floppy drive, CD/DVD drive and the hard drive. The motherboard usually has 2 IDE channels, each supporting 2 devices. If you install 2 IDE devices on the same cable, you will have the main to be the “master” and the other to be the “slave”.

This is the same procedure for CD/DVD drives. Look for an HDD and CD drive manual for the correct jumper settings. You should do these before you screw drives into place.

Connect hard drives to a channel different from the CD drives. Floppy controller has a socket shorter than the IDE controllers.

Make sure the side of the IDE cable that has a red colored stripe lines up with pin1.

Lastly, plug in the main ATX power cable and connect all drives with the power supply. If you have more case coolers, you may also connect them.

Now, connect your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers to the back of the case. Put in the power cable to the power supply unit. Double-check proper installation before the first boot.

You can now show your friends your first assembled computer.

Effective Web Design Company in Velachery

Web design is not simply about adding images and words to a homepage- it’s about implementing clever designs which incorporate strategy, structure, visual impact, usability and conversion elements. In this article, we look at some elements which one needs to look for in effective web design.



Usability is probably the most important element of effective web design, as nobody wants to navigate a web page which isn’t easy to use and does not help the user to find information. When one enters a website, they are there for a purpose, and that purpose is to find information, contact the company or perhaps purchase a product. If the design of your website does not make this process simple, then users are going to look elsewhere.

Establish your website’s goals:

Well-designed websites need to be focused around specific goals. This means that you need to think about what the aim of your website is, and it needs to be easy for users to perform the action which they want to take. For example, think about including a contact form for information pages, and allow resources to be easily downloadable. Users will get information if results don’t happen fast enough.

Visual Hierarchy:

Certain parts of your website are more important than others, so you need to get these parts more attention by means of visual hierarchy. You should rank elements on your website based on your business objective. More important information such as calls to action and business propositions would usually come first, while other less important information won’t be as visually prominent.

Effective writing:

Effective web design is also about incorporating effective writing which is adjusted towards users’ preferences and browsing habits. Rather than using promotional writing which is long and exaggerated, get straight to the point and use images along with your text to illustrate your message. You should also use headers to break up content so that it’s easier to read. Use language on your website which is easy to understand and keeps users hooked. As mentioned before, users don’t want to spend time searching for information on your website. They want the process to be swift and easy.


A good website should have an impact on visitors, meaning that it incorporates clear images, uses colour smartly, and fonts which are easy to read. Always think from the user’s perspective as this will help you decide whether this is a website which you would want to visit and share.

SS Computers is a web design company which strives to deliver user-friendly websites which bring in customers. We incorporate all of the essential web design principles above. Visit our website at  http://sscomputercity.in  for more information.

How to choose a Perfect Password

Creating a good password that’s hard to hack but easy to remember is no simple task, yet it’s vitally important for protecting your personal and financial information. Here are a few ideas for creating secure passwords.

How to choose a Perfect PasswordChoosing a password is easy. Choosing one that is secure, is the challenge.

The problem is that password selection involves two conflicting goals.

Goal 1: Pick a password that’s easy to remember.

Goal 2: Pick a password that’s hard to crack.


If all you had to worry about was Goal 1, your name would be your password and life would be simple. At the same time, if you only wanted something difficult to hack, you could easily come up with a long series of random letters, numbers, and characters that would confound even the most hardened hacker.

You would not, of course, be able to remember that password. You would have to write it down somewhere or carry it with you, making breaking into your computer as easy as looking at that Post-it note affixed to your keyboard that says: “My password is: Ssc4$ll31ap*.”

Basic Rules

SS Computers provides some good basic rules that apply to passwords.

  • Longer is better. Six characters is the minimum. Many sites require 8.
  • Made up or altered words are better than actual words. Avoid calendar dates as part of the numeric portion of password.
  • Personal information that can easily be looked up or verified should be avoided.
  • Don’t use account numbers or other billing information as part of a password.
  • The use of adjacent keys or consecutive numbers are easy for others to notice and should be avoided.
  • Maintain a separate password for each highly sensitive account, such as email, financial institutions, and social media.
  • It’s OK to recycle for sites that don’t store personal info, such as Internet radio stations.
  • Memorize your password. You should never write it down.
  • Mix letters, numbers, and punctuation and, when possible, include both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Don’t overdo it and make the password so complicated it becomes cumbersome. It should be something you can type fairly quickly.

Best Web Host for Your Small Business at Velachery

 Know where to turn for a web host for your business website? There are many things to consider when choosing a web host, but you don’t have to be intimidated. Here’s what you need to know to choose the one that’s right for your business.

website source Contact : www.SSComputercity.inDynamic-Website-Designing-service-in Velachery

What do you know about web hosting? If you’re the normal non-tech-company small business owner, probably not much. And you shouldn’t. Your job is to run your business—not be an expert in how web servers work.

But at some point, the decision will be in front of you. You will decide where your website will live—and it’s a bigger decision than you think.

The Basics

let’s break it down into the simplest terms. You live in some sort of home—an actual house, an apartment, a condo, or maybe one of those new trendy tiny houses. Your life would likely be very difficult without a home. Same with businesses. Can you imagine a grocery store without a physical location? That would be chaos!

Your website works the same way. To work, it has to be housed somewhere. A web host places your site on their web servers. Without a web server, your site wouldn’t make it to the internet. It would go no further than your computer.

Unless you own your own server, (you probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you did) you have to rent space on somebody’s else servers. But how do you know who to use and what you need?

Don’t worry when SS Computers support above all your Needs !