We also Fix Projectors !!!

Hey Guys Lets know a few things about Projectors…

Projector is an Output that can take images generated by a computer or Blu-ray player and reproduce them onto a screen, wall, or other surface. Typically, the surface projected onto is large, flat, and lightly colored. For example, you could use a projector to show a presentation on a large screen so that everyone in the room can see it. Projectors can produce either still (slides) or moving images (videos). A projector is often about the size of a toaster and weighs only a few pounds.


These are the few ways that projectors are used:

  • Project a Powerpoint presentation at a business meeting.
  • Project a computer screen to teach a class in school.
  • Project a TV or computer with a movie playing to a large screen.
  • Demo a product or service at a convention center.
  • Transform a wall, house, or other object to give it a different appearance.

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